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Booking done right

Muzeek connects you directly to venues, promoters and agencies without ever charging you money. Ever.

The Book Button

Now you can receive offers and be booked from your Facebook Page or anywhere you put your Book Button on the interweb.

Get paid

You’re artists not accountants. Muzeek handles contracts, invoices, payments and more - so that you don’t have to.

Simplify your work

View real-time availability and book artists from virtually anywhere online. Easily see other offers and manage multiple bookings at the same time.

Streamline everything

Instantly view, listen and read everything an artist is. Send, accept, decline and negotiate offers through a combined calendar and streamlined messaging.

Book smarter

Time is money - don't waste both. Muzeek gives you the ability to organise and manage everything in your booking process under one easy dashboard.

Manage your roster

House your entire roster under one "Collective" profile and manage everyone from the same place. We'll even let you keep the 20%.

A promoter's best friend

View real-time availability of artists and venues, simultaneously. Now you can create and manage killer shows with a just a couple of clicks.

Pull triggers, not teeth

Emails are messy and invoices are annoying. Manage multiple events, bookings, payments and invoices from the one easy to use interface.

A better way to book.

Muzeek connects artists, venues and everyone in-between.