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Solo Performer from Slovenia
IRISH ROVER - Rover MacChroi is the Essential Anti-System Irish Punk Singer & Lyricist, Acoustic-Electric Guitar Player, Paddy Punk Rebel Rocker & Essence Seeker. Held as a Victim Of Geography & Human Rights Abuse by the bloody 3rd world neonazi serbia since 1981, with no emigration human rights given by the "free world" and betrayed by one false friend too many, this 1 Paddy In 3rd World's Chains has fallen a 1000 miles behind, far away from freedom, long time awaiting the chains to fall & move home towards Republic Of Ireland. Born 'n' doomed by the hells of the 3rd world, the path of Irish Rover's life and music is one paved with pain, misery and everlasting dream of breaking free, reaching the freedom of the civilized world and bringing the music of essence, attitude and furious devotion to where it truly belongs.
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