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Radical G
Solo Performer from België
Dark electronic madness founded in 2002 by Glenn Keteleer with pounding Rave sounds and techno hooks.
No excuses regarding styles, Gloomy atmosphere’s ,Wave & Elektro influences by legendary bands as TNJ and Front 242 are part of the game …
There’s no denial the Belgians have a fond taste for the darker side of the spectrum.
RadicalG delivered rmx for The neon judgement, LOA, Psyaviah, Stephane Signoré, Christopher Kah, Hard ton, Rones, Deafman, Sique Sique Sputnik ,HIV+, Liebknecht, Neon Electronics, Icant&Hendrik, The Klinik, The Horrorist, A split second, Psyché ...
No words will do , only music to be given.
This is Cult, this is RadicalGness

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