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Band from United States

Hushed harmonies merge with lush guitars to define the striking sound of recently formed international duo, LOVE OVER GOLD. Singer-songwriters Pieta Brown (U.S.) and Lucie Thorne (Australia) are both artists recognized for their distinctive vocal stylings and poetic sensibilities, and together, as LOVE OVER GOLD, the blend of their contrasting styles takes on a vivid life of its own. The pair met during Pieta’s first tour of Australia and became fast friends and fans of each other’s work. Now, just two and a half years later, as LOVE OVER GOLD they present Fall To Rise. Recorded in Pieta’s home town in Iowa, Fall to Rise traverses the open expanses of both continents to a place where voices, guitars and poetry meet.

"Warm, rich, intimate. Their combination takes them somewhere neither has been before. A triumphant alliance" Rhythms Magazine, Sept 2013
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