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Elana Stone
Band from Marrickville, Australia
Sydney songstress Elana Stone returns in 2013 armed with hindsight and big hooks. Her new single ‘Sleep Doesn't Come’, produced by Zebra Zap, articulates this.

This release is an outpouring of soul channelled through a collection of Casio keyboards and vintage synths. Its stark and laid bare for investigation. It’s a tipping of the hat to days and eras been but firmly grounded in our electronic reality.

Stones wit and wryness combines with woozy beats and play in the spaces that new kid Zebra Zap creates. The outcome is comparable to what might come back if Cyndi Lauper and Frank Ocean got sent to a bush cabin for a week with no phone and an endless supply of junk food.

If you actually like music, you need to keep an eye on this project. (Elana and Zebra Zap. Not the Cyndie Lauper one. That’s not real.)
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