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Solo Performer from Turkey
Nivanoise (Okan Çalışkan), born in Istanbul in 1985, has made editing for projects such as films, short films and music videos for many long years. Meanwhile, he has begun to be interested in the fields of sound design and film music and the sound and music workshops he has attended has made him acquire a high level of knowledge incident thereto.

In 2000s he released his first semi-professional musical works under different names however, he launched his professional music career in 2007 subsequent to the contract he concluded with “Sound Lab”. In the following years he released the “Same Language”, “Wrong Choices”, “We Are” and “Confessions of Bosphorus” EP’s with Cem Esgen.

He was placed four times in top 100 in Beatport and in top 100 in many other sites only between the years of 2009 and 2010.

He had the opportunity to work with “Magic” musicians -in his own words- such as Cyberpunkers, Blind Digital, Yahel, Tocadisco, Mejsi, Sinteza, Deep Noise, Skeef Menezes, Lineli, Ko Mar
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