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The Ivory Drips
Band from Australia
We’re The Ivory Drips; 3 guys from Sydney, Australia.

We have just let loose our debut single + video clip “Neither Seen, Nor Heard”, which we have put a lot of love into. Weird stalker sort of love that finds you setting fire to your ex-girlfriends lawn on a weeknight. Trust us; she’ll love you for it. The production behind this single is thanks to Casual Psychotic (bullshit-amazing-producer-extraordinaire) who also rubbed his charming stank all over our EP “Brilliant Animal” which will be assaulting your senses in the near future.

"There's something about this that I just know would push the buttons of a bunch of people."
- Dave Ruby Howe (Triple J Unearthed Director)

"You can't put that on the public... it'll get hammered" - Paul 'Fatty' Vautin
Official video for debut single "Neither Seen, Nor Heard"
Paul 'Fatty' Vautin reviews The Ivory Drips
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