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Band from Belfast, United Kingdom
The Blues has always had a reputation as the Devils Music. From the stories of Robert Johnson making a pact with The Devil at the crossroads, to musicians in every decade who've died at age 27, the blues has originated from and reached into the dark places of the soul.

Voodoo are a Blues & Rock band formed on the 17th of April 2013. We're dropping jaws with our recent live shows where we're doing what no one else is trying - Blues with Balls!

Voodoo's aim is simple - to bring you the best blues & rock music that literally will blow you away. Combining the hypnotic appeal of Blues with Balls with a high energy performance we guarantee that you'll leave every gig with a smile on your face.

Jimi Hendrix - the great man himself who took Robert's music to a whole new level invented The Dirty Blues
So if Blues & Rock are your 'mojo' and if you like a little bit of mystery - contact us for further information....get a little Voodoo in your Soul and step into The Devil's Music.
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