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We Do This
Band from Australia
We Do This is a 3-piece indie rock band from Adelaide, South Australia that makes selfish, moody, joyous indie rock tinged with 80’s new wave, Americana, and late-70’s punk influences. The band recently released their newest single, 'We Are Electric' in July of 2013. The band will be releasing their debut EP in November, and will be touring nationally supporting the release.

Since the release of the debut singles ‘Elevator’ and ‘All These Images’ in November of 2012, the band has supported Melbourne’s Damn Terran, and Sydneysiders Battleships in Adelaide. Following those supports and the release of the singles, the band began to pick up community radio support across Australia.

Live, the band employs enough fuzz, delays, jagged guitar loops and quirk to bear-hug you into submission. Rendering songs from the sometimes expansive studio arrangements to a lean 3-piece format.
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