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Djonah Laforge
DJ from België
Djonah started as a young dj in small clubs, through the years though he grew to play at greater clubs and events! He's always on the look out for new musical goodies and jewels! Now-a-days he is focussing himself on monthly residences, producing tracks with his soulmates and expanding the vibe of House music on the FM way on radio IRO.. and Bhotradio, Zenfm on the rerun with his weekly radioshow "slave to the rhythm"
In 2012 he produced his first track "enslaved to love" feat zoé That has bin released on straight music!
2013 videoclip in progress enslaved to love. in 2013 he joined the house formation and partyconcept, Houselicious. Also he is working on his next release "tu es le monde" with harry allen da mediaassin an MC from gent! in collaboration with Mathiew Houzen;
Djonah laforge feat Zoe "enslaved to love"
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