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We’re super excited to announce the return of our yoga and music event Soulsteps this November! Even more exciting is that ’Soulsteps 004 - Rise Up’ will take place as part of EMCPLAY, the event arm of Australia’s premiere electronic music conference EMC. Needless to say we are super proud to be showcasing a whole different way in which electronic music can be experienced in 2018!

As an event Soulsteps will once again combine Kelli’s unique HeartGlow Hatha Yoga approach with Kid Kenobi’s ambient soundscapes and deeper bass driven grooves, this time, focusing on helping you rise up into your fullest, brightest, most vibrant self!

Life is too short to stay dim, or not live to the capacity you’re capable of, so here’s your chance to remember what you’re made of, and step back into your fullest power through this 1.5 hour musical yogic journey inward!

Spaces are limited to 40 at each event, and with our last four Soulsteps events selling out in a matter of days, pre-booking is essential!

See you there!

SS x

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