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Dj Venziemaniac
DJ from Belgium
MuSiC is a PaSsIoN from the Heart !
Feel tha groove, be one with tha music that's what makes dancing so great !
- has played 4 years @ SeSsIoN party's as a Resident ( mostly in Aalst @ Cirque Mystic ; )
- played @ Kings Club ( Mahamudra )
- Decadance
- Stanton (jeugdhuis Denderleeuw )
- Duitsland ( Riva Halen )
- Snowtech meerdere keren ( France )
- Mushroom ( Denderleeuw )
- Won Tropicana's Dj's contest
- and of course many more...
Dj Venziemaniac ! Plays Music from the beginning of house & techno, till now & luves all good music ! He has his own style of beïng a Dj ... And since shortly I feel more complete as a Dj, cause I started luving some more softer tracks also and even bought some vinyl of it !!! So I really feel more adapteble 2 play 4 a bigger crowd ;)
and yes, be sure it's still on my unique way of playing STRAIGHT FROM THA HEART !!!
Hope ya all EnJoY
Kassandra : nice vibes by Dj Venziemaniac
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