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Band from Porto Alegre, Brasilien
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From the depths of a twilight world sails the ghost ship Wishcraftt. Its crew travels through three parallel realities wich are: The Harmony, The Chaos and The Limbo. There are only peaceful lands and calm waters in Harmony for it is the superior plan of existence. .. ..The Chaos is the world that goes in between the dimensions of Harmony and Limbo. The main characteristic of this dimension is the fact that reality is built there by the balance between the fear and the pleasure of the ones who dwell in it. The Limbo, also known as the underworld is the dimension of agony and pain where all the faceless shades reside. This reality is submerged into darkness and its waters are as black as the night. It is a place where nothing grows and the undead reign feeding on the flash of tormented souls over and over and over again. .. ..Which could be the result of all this madness? Take a listen and figure out for yourself!
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