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Rootman j & the Zionyouth Crew
Band from Brussel, België

Rootman J. is a reggae singer-songwriter, arranger, bassplayer, guitarist, vocalist and percussionist. This young lion full of tallent, energy positive vibes and JAH INSPIRATION is borned in Africa but is based in Belgium since early 2000. He has been leading his ZIONYOUTH CREW for several years and has just recorded his first full album called 'Destined Destination -2OO8-'. The dread is ready now to spread Jah Works around the world. The purpose of Zionyouth is to bring ALL people together in One Love ,peace, Unity & Harmony.. . But ROOTMAN J & THE ZIONYOUT CREW aka ZIONYOUTH.ORG is much more than just a band ! There is the possibility to follow percussion workshops to learn the pure riddims of Nyahbinghi HEART BEAT. The band also supports a school project in Africa. Jah works must be done !!! more info on www.zionyouth.org
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