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DJ from Belgium
Dj & Vinylcollector since '92. Loves deephouse, tech house & techno. Always looking for that specific groove that makes you want to move...
Used to play as a duo with my younger brother as 'Bo & Khilla' on events like '10 Days Off', PEP etc...
Nowadays he's flying solo.

Producing tracks since a couple of years and recently been signed to various labels from all over the world.
(Jazzy Butterfly Records, House Lab, Instant Deep Records, Remembranza, MLP Music etc...)

Save the vinyl!

# Outweighed EP [Jazzy Butterfly Records]
# Funky Lil' Notes [Instant Deep Records]
# Drop Something On Your Head [MLP]

# 29/07/13 - De Hele Nacht Dansen EP [House Lab]
# 25/03/13 - Remembranza Sampler 001
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