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Master T.C.
Band from Los Angeles, United States
Master T.C. is a 29 year old American singer/songwriter from Sandusky, OH. After performing in off-broadway productions for many years, he started writing his first full-length studio album in 2012. Master T.C. (Todd-Charles) became popular with audiences via his live performances, outrageous personality, originality and showmanship. His 2008 USA Showcase performance in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Hotel, was voted the best live performance in Hollywood's major industry poll. Master T.C.'s main projects involve collaborations with various styles of eclectic rock. He and his band are currently in studios recording his debut album which pays homage to hip/hop, punk, bubblegum pop, R&B, and of course glam and metel. His first single "Take Me To Heaven" feat. Sailor Jerry will be released spring 2014.
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