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Band from United states
Hailing from Buffalo NY, Pollock is an ambient metal/hard rock band with intense rhythms and unique time signatures. When accompanied by their dynamic stage presence, the music is reminiscent of the band’s namesake Jackson Pollock, and the idea of bringing an art form to life.
The band combines the sonic mass of bands like Mastodon and Baroness with the elegant complexity and technicality of bands like Tool and Protest the Hero, then top it off with Billy Corgan-esque songwriting. Intricate and driving verses hook the intellect, then explode into lush, expansive choruses. The ever changing mood of the songs is enhanced by layers of strings and percussion; a unique sound that is simultaneously dark, uplifting, heavy, and like a dream.
"Devil" Official Video (2013) A Quigley Films Production, starring Chris Reischel,Leah Divine,Mike Deitz, Zac Tattenbaum, and Katie Burger.
Elder Crow [Official Promo Video] 2013
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