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DJ from Willebroek, België

Trashsystem was born in the magical year of 1988. Raised in the Nineties and the Nillies (dutch name for the period between 2000-2010) provides the needed expertise in electronic music of today.

Trashsystem brings your party to the next level with up-tempo beats, uplifting synths, dreamy lyrics and dirty sweaty bleeps. The ideal cocktail to make your party 's temperature rising.

Trashsystem allready shared decks with names such as G-Tronic, The Oddword, Skyve, Geht's Noch?, Partyharders... and many more not mentioned.

His best DJ-sets were when he performed at gigs in the Rumor's club in Moliets (France) during the summer of 2010. Full house, high temperature, a lot of happy people and many more who wanted to get in the venue for taking part in a unique experience.

Most people's opinions on his music are happy positive reactions to sunny electro -and progressive house beats, so if you're interested just send him a message.
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